September 14, 2014

Hello sunshine lovers! 

We've missed you, and you, and you, and you! We're returning to Woodley Park with a long anticipated line up featuring some serious badasses behind the decks on September 20th!

Woodley Park, lot 2.
1pm to Sunset!

- The Girls of Shade
- Mike Balance
- Erik Nelson
- Everyman
- Mackenzie

Dog-friendly (keep Fido on a leash though, please!), kid-friendly (the bounce house returns!) and picnic friendly! Bring some of that deliciousness to share and make some new friends! 

Thanks Shadies, see you there!


July 1, 2014

We have some sad news. After a few weeks of calling LA Beaches and Harbors trying to find out where our permit was, they finally called back .Our day was given to a Volley Ball tournament.  I'm sure they were paying much more so I'm not surprised. Unfortunately, July 19th is cancelled. Our next Shade will be September 20th at Woodley Park 


May 14, 2014

My dearest and most esteemed Shadies,

Creating a duplicate event that you can now copy and paste into your Facebook feed, post on friend's walls, and what not. Don't hate me for dup-ing the invite so you have to RSVP twice. We're making free awesome shit more accessible, ya dig? INFO BELOW! WOOOOOO! 

We return to Zuma Beach (lifeguard tower 2, near the bathrooms by the paid entrance off of PCH, you can't miss us) on May 17th for a free daytime event - Glitter Bombs, featuring the Shade debut of Hippiechick and Lou E. Bagels on the decks and the return of some shade favorites: Todd Spero and the best goddamned DJ duo in Los Angeles (or anywhere), Fleetwood Smack.

Please arrive early and spend the day with us! Forecasts show it's going to be in the mid-80s in Malibu that day, so we say pack and lunch and stay Shady as we drop some serious glitter sounds. 

Lineup will be posted soon - but be sure to RSVP! Also, invite your friends! Family friendly event. 

See you on the beach, you Shady motherfuckers! Be sure to read the rules below. 

= = = =

Porter Tinsley


Fleetwood Smack

Todd Spero


= = = =

Tha Rulez:

1. Please invite RESPONSIBLE, INTELLIGENT & GOOD-LOOKING PEOPLE ONLY. Note which of those things comes first. 

2. No alcohol on the beach - the police know us at this point and know our crowd is well behaved. That said, no red/blue/yellow/green/plastic cups - you're not being sneaky, you're just being a dick if you think that's not a dead giveaway. So don't do it. You'll get a huge ticket and you'll make us look bad in the process and then everyone will blame you for ruining Shade.

3. No dogs, no fire, No smoking. Womp womp, sorry. LA County rules.

4. You must dance. 

5. Don't do dumb shit and treat everyone attending with respect. That includes the volleyball players. 

6. Pack it in, pack it out: bring extra garbage bags! I will have some extra, too. 

That about covers it. KISSES!http: